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Educational Consultancy
Student Concierge Connect (SCC)

Student Concierge Connect (SCC) specialises in the Australian Secondary School market and connects all key stakeholders in building a transparent and collaborative network.  Schools, education agents, families, testing and homestay programs.


At SCC we provide a full 360-degree service both to the onshore and offshore market.​

SCC assists schools in recruiting students from many international markets including Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Myanmar.

SCC supports the onshore and offshore education agency market and ensures that all parties involved are recruiting and retaining the “right” student for their entire time at the school.

SCC offers a 360 Degree Service


What is the SCC 360 service?


SCC provides a full 360-degree service to both onshore and offshore markets including:​ 


  • school-specific marketing material is prepared in accordance with target markets

  • school is extensively promoted to target markets

  • ‘Boarding Schools in Australia’ information sessions are organised for potential families

  • SCC has a strong agency network and deals directly with education agents

  • Cross Cultural Transition Care Workshops for agents, schools and international families

  • Study Tours

  • Holiday Camps


SCC can work with your school on the area where you need specific assistance.

SCC Workshops

Cross Cultural Transition Care Workshop

To find out more about our Cross Cultural Transition Care Workshops, please download our brochure here

SCC Webinars

Powerful marketing tool for schools


Webinars are a powerful and effective marketing tool and represent the future of communication for schools and agents.


A specialist in the boarding school market, SCC works closely with schools, international education agents, students and their families. Take advantage of their expertise in expanding your school's reach utilising SCC's webinar service, offering:

  • easy-to-use interactive webinar technology, with sound moderated screening and chat room functions

  • a complete end-to-end service

  • time and cost-saving benefits

  • an effective admissions sales tool


To find out more about our Webinar Marketing program, please download our brochure here

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