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Summer or Winter and items included:


Winter - 1 Blazer, 2 dresses or skirts, 3 shirts, 1 jumper

Summer - 1 Blazer, 3 dresses


Winter - 1 Blazer, 2 pants, 3 shirts, 1 jumper

Summer - 3 shirts, 2 shorts


Single doona cover, 2 x single fitted sheets, 2 x single flat sheets, 2 x pillowcases, 1 x doona

If there are additional items for dry cleaning they will be charged separately.

This offer includes a complimentary laundry bag (for the linen).

Uniform and Bed Linen Laundry Package

  • Laundry will be collected and returned to the nominated address. Please allow 3 business days for items to be picked, cleaned and returned.

    Storing of uniforms and bedding is available over the school holidays.

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