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KN 95 mask filtering particulate protection respirator enhanced for layers of protection suitably for daily hygiene protector easier breathing for healthier protection.

Product description product model FM 80 executive standard GB2626-2006KN 95 product performance PP non-stick non-woven fabric, hi efficiency electrostatic melt-blowing, capital ES heat-seal cotton non-woven fabric, are adopted.
Range of application the mask is suitable for protection of p.m. 2.5 haze particles, food, chemicals, coal dust, cement dust metal smelting and processing manufacturing
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Pack of 10 = $35 


Bulk order pricing available - send an email to


School orders available in bulk for clothing pools.

KN95 Mask - 10 masks per pack

  • An additonal postage charge of $10.00 will be added to your order.

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