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Dry Cleaning

& Linen


SCS does the laundry

SCS offers schools a helping hand by managing student laundry. Dry cleaning, washing and ironing services are taken offsite by SCS, alleviating the need for laundry facilities and processes in the school and freeing up student time for study. Items are collected and delivered back to school promptly, ensuring students are always neat, clean and presentable.

Contact SCS to find out how we can assist your school with any laundry requirements.

How does this work?

SCS provides the school with an industrial size named (eg. school or house) laundry bags, blazers are placed into the bags and SCS collects the blazers when requested. Blazer's dry cleaned and returned to the school. 

What a value add for parents. 

Need assistance with washing students personal belongings?  Each student is supplied with their own named laundry bag and we will wash and or dry clean any items placed in the bag. The price will be dependant on the number of students and the number of items.

SCS offers the following laundry services to schools:

Bed linen laundry

Towel laundry

Duvet and pillow laundry

School uniform laundry

Student clothing laundry

SCS provides a range of bedding and linen options for schools including white and coloured bed linen, towelling, mattress protectors and pillow protectors.

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