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SCS has your university holiday storage covered

Leaving school and starting uni? Or already at uni and wanting to store your belongings safely and securely over the holiday period?

SCS manages the entire process of collection, storage, cleaning, and repairs to your personal belongings, including suitcases, boxes, musical instruments, sports equipment, and bikes during uni holidays or other extended periods of time. 

Most universities require students to pack up and remove their personal belongings at the end of each term or semester, which can be an extensive and stressful exercise, particularly when overseas students are limited to 23kg in luggage. Regional families are also affected by time away from family, work and the expense of travel and accommodation.​

SCS stores your belongings in a safe and secure environment over the holidays and returns them to student rooms ready for the start of the term. SCS can also supply collapsible crates, laundry bags, packing cartons and hatboxes to securely house student belongings. Additionally, we offer dry cleaning and labelling services for uniforms, linen or clothing, which can be stored until required at the start of the new university term.

All you need to do is...

Place Your Order White.png
Pack White.png

and SCS will take care of the rest

University Storage Package

Collect 5 Items

e.g. 1 suitcase,
2 boxes,
1 laundry bag


Items are securely stored over the holiday period


Items are returned at the beginning of the school term

Storage Products

Collapsible Crates

Packing Boxes

Laundry Bags

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